Monday, April 15, 2013

Diet or Exercise? I am trying the Cleanse Craze

I always insist that I want to be healthy and the vanity isn't the goal - which is true! But...... who doesn't want to look awesome? I know I do.

I grew up playing soccer which was a really great decision my parents made where I did gain a love for exercise. Of course, it also means I prefer tricking myself into exercise compared to the disciplined regimen of exercise. It also meant I always ate whatever I wanted and my parents would reinforce that I was always so active it didn't matter. Of course, time passed and I stopped playing soccer everyday and my metabolism slowed. I love who I am and i appreciate my body, but hell - why not see if I can get more fit? 

So.. for me, my usual efforts in fitness become all about new exercises. Going on long runs, taking kick boxing, yoga, sports, etc. Which is all supposed to make me banging, right? Well, I got a lot from each of those exercises, but it never seems to melt weight off me the way I see if happen on others. Of course, not everyone's body responds to exercise in that way - the sad fact of the matter is diet is everything if you exercise but still have some extra poundage on your body, like me. Of course, that's the point of valuing health over vanity. Sometimes you are taking great care of yourself, but you don't look like the models in the magazine - and that is completely beautiful. Models are too skinny anyway. I only get jealous when they have abs. 

So in my dieting endeavor, I am jumping in to reset my appetite and start making good choices about what I put in my body. I gave in and signed up for a 3 day juice cleanse. Sounds crazy, but I am actually excited. I used to think it was a way to starve yourself and wasn't healthy, but the more I read the more I realize I have to change the way I think about food. I love food, this won't be easy. I am hoping at the end of it I will have more energy, treat my body to a break from bad foods and alcohol and see how it works. 

I am using a company called BluePrint. ( I chose it because one of my best friends tried it and said the juices were tasty - this is important. The basic principle is they give your body a break from digesting solid foods and they give you every nutrient you need minus the empty calories. I will miss those empty calories. To prepare, I have tried to do as they recommended and 'think vegan' - eating fruits and veggies for the past few days (minus saturday night dranks). Lemon juice and olive oil dressing? Alright. Mango's for breakfast - delish. Let's see if they are on to something.

I will post each night to let you know of my struggles and as a way to keep my mind off of eating. 

Wish me luck!

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