Thursday, April 25, 2013

Post game recap

So the 3 days passed and the weekend came. It did not kick off my healthy like i thought it might and I am not sure it did anything except cause me some pain by the end. That being said, I went back to my normal habits because my work sent me on a business trip to Miami... did I mention a friend was able to get a free flight (she travels a lot for work) and join me? Let's just say - I put on vacation brain. I did not phase out of the cleanse as I should have.

So what did I take from it? Breakfast: I have fruit and water with lemon. During the day, I drink more tea and water. In general, if there is a fruit and veggie option, I want to take it. It's hard to say if this will be a true and consistent pattern since it has just been a few days, but I really feel like it gave me a new outlook on snacking. I used to think crackers and popcorn was a good snack, but I can easily sub that for blueberries and blackberries. Now, if only that was in the vending machine.

So what next? Well, I am going to attempt cauliflower pizza next week (I will let you know how it goes!) and I have another half marathon this weekend. So I am going to continue my healthy habits and hope to continue to become more healthy.

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