Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cleanse Day 1.. almost

Day 1!

I woke up super enthused. There are recommendations and rules that go along with the cleanse. Recco #1 Best way to wake up your metabolism is with water and lemon. So I rocketed awake, boiled water and cut a lemon. Mmmm, that's pretty tasty.

Day 1 enthusiasm carried me into work and I quickly made my water and tea - another part of the cleanse. With the juice, you should drink as much water and tea as you can. Battle station:

Suddenly, I realized my enthusiasm lead me to forget the juices hadn't arrived yet! I set up my work schedule to take an early lunch to go get the juice and come back to work (plus or minus). Fed Ex came at 9am (I get to work at 8am) and the front desk attendant was not at the desk - FedEx left. Whoops. After some calls, he was going to redeliver at noon. Okay, well.. I won't be able to get home then, but - ok! - day 1 enthusiasm said, "it will work out just fine." (Spoiler alert: didn't work out fine) I planned to start at 1 pm and just drink the juices a bit faster than I planned. Of course, work got busy - I looked up and it was 4pm. Ugh.  Well..  now I am starving, without nutrients and debating chugging my juice when I get home at 6pm. This is not the healthy experience I was looking for.... Another issue is part of the rules say you need to wait 1.5 hours between juices and not to drink juice 2 hours before bed. So - that wasn't going to work. Also, lots of these juices encourage bowel movements, I wasn't interested in seeing the effect when drinking them all at once. Sigh, I was so excited to try the juices and be almost done day 1, but I got a salad and some fruit and settled my growling stomach. I want to do this cleanse right and not think the whole time, well - I messed up day 1, so maybe I should cheat this day! The real heart breaker is now day 3 of the cleanse is a FRIDAY! That was going to be my celebration day. Oh well.

Well the juice arrived (along with a bajillion ice packs you see below them):

Look how cute they are! I suppose that is my future the next 3 days. I am sure I will get excited to try all the juices tomorrow, so it will be fun. I am more concerned about day 2 and 3, when I know what I am in for.. (I am shaking my fist at the sky and cursing I didn't make it through day 1 today)

Day 1/0 did remind me what being hungry really feels like - I was okay most of the morning because I skip breakfast or get focused on work / forget to eat all the time. I was hyper aware of my stomach because of this experiment, but surprisingly I found the hunger pangs to feel more like the burn of carmex on chapped lips versus a feeling associated with agony. I changed my brain about what the feeling of hunger feels like - I hope I can maintain that mindset. At least I won't be as hungry as today!

To close today, I would like to share a photo that makes me smile...

Until tomorrow...

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